Shoe Repair Sewing Machine

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Chuang Wang Machinery Co., LTD is a manufacturer of Shoe Repair Sewing Machine. Due to our large output capacity and strong molding ability for customization production, our company has exported our products to many international markets. Our products are certified according to requirements of customers.
Shoe Repair Sewing Machine - CW-2971

Model: CW-2971
Shoe Repair Sewing Machine
Lockstitch Short Arm Patching Machine (Shoe Repair Machine)

Single needle lockstitch cylindrical bed machine for sewing (repair) extra heavy materials (leather, rubber, plastic, canvas)-shoes, slipper, bag, excellent for the feet or any cylindrical goods. Also fit for shoes repair work in the shoemaker.
Suitable for light to medium-weight patching of the following:
• Shoe Uppers
• Boot Zips
• Bag Zips
• Leather Garments such as trousers & jackets
• Leather Luggage
• Elastics

● By Hand or By Foot
● Allows you to sew either by hand using the handwheel which can be affixed to the front or side of the machine, or by foot when set up with an industrial sewing machine table & motor (offered separately).
● 360 Degree Versatility
● Featuring a 360 degree rotating presser foot, you can easily control the direction of your stitching without turning your work. This machine also features a 12.5″ cylinder bed which gives you plenty of space to sew big, bulky and cylinder shaped items.
● Adjustable thread take-up lever
● Adjustable presser foot pressure and thread tension
● Machine can be driven by foot treadle, hand crank or electric motor

Specification Description
Needle system : DPx17 #14~#21
Sewing speed: 700 SPM
Stitch length: 1~8 mm
Clearence Under Presser Foot  13/32" (10.5mm)
Width Of Cylinder Bed 1" (25.4mm)
Depth Of Cylinder Bed 7/8" (22.2mm)
Hook Size  Small / Large
Working Space  12" (310 MM)
Sewable thickness  6.4 mm
Net weight: 29 kg
Gross weight: 32 kg
Motors: 12 kg

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Shoe Repair Sewing Machine

available in various dimensions, these can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients. Further, we test these stringently before being supplied to clients. Our products are in accordance with well defined industrial standards and available at reasonable rates.
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