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Lockstitch Machine - CW-457A-105-L

Model: CW-457A-105-L
Lockstitch Machine
Flat Bed Lockstitch Zig Zag Machine

● Attaching laces, making shoulder straps and general Zig-Zag works.
● Attaching elastic trim or lace to leg or waist sections of ladies body suits, swim suits, corsets, and bras… etc.
● Decorative sewing for ladies’ body suits, negligee, underwear…etc.
● For felling and joining collar on men's jacket, decorative sewing & fasten articles.

Single needle flat bed, drop feed zigzag lock stitching machine, is a classic lockstitch zig zag machine that designed for medium light materials. It applies to attaching laces, elastic trim, lace to leg or waist sections of ladies' body suits, swim suits, negligee, shoulder straps and general zigzag works. 3 models available- 2-step, 3-step and 4-step.

● With the improved needle position shifting lever, fine adjustment of needle location is simplified. Moreover, needle position can be fixed firmly by means of a stopper provided on the lever.
● New type rotary take-up ensures uniform thread tensions at low tension settings.
● Off-center axis hook has been adopted reducing skip stitching and thread breakage considerably.
● Fully improved built-in type bobbin winder makes it easier to adjust the amount of thread to be wound in bobbin and thread tension when winding bobbin.
● Screw pump type fully automatic lubrication system ensures stable flow of oil to the hook under pressure at all speeds.
● The new presser bar pressure regulating knob enables the simple adjustment of presser bar pressure.
● Hemmer & folder are optional.
● Elastic feeding device for Zig-Zag sewing machine, special for sewing high quality ladies' & gentlemen's underwear.
CW-457A-105-L, CW-457A-125-L, CW-457A-135-L              
Type: CW-457A-105-L
Max stitch width: 8mm
Needle system: DPX5#14~#22
Max sewing speed:4300/min
Stitch length: 1.3mm
Height of presser foot: 9-13mm

Type: CW-457A-125-L
Max stitch width: 5mm
Needle system: DPX5#14~#22
Max sewing speed: 4300/min
Stitch length: 2mm
Height of presser foot: 9-13mm

Type: CW-457A-135-L
Max stitch width: 8mm
Needle system: DPX5#14~#22
Max sewing speed:4300/min
Stitch length: 1.3mm
Height of presser foot: 9-13mm

Model Max. Sewing Speed (s.p.m.) Zigzag stitch width Stitch length  Presser Height (mm) By hand/By Pedal  Needle
CW-457A-105-L 4300 8.0mm 1.3mm 9~13 DPx5#14~#22
CW-457A-125-L 4300 5.0mm 2.0mm 9~13 DPx5#14~#22
CW-457A-135-L 4300 8.0mm 1.3mm 9~13 DPx5#14~#22

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Lockstitch Machine

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