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Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine - CW-1206-N

Model: CW-1206-N
Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine
Flat Bed Upper and Bottom Feed Zig Zag Machine (Large Stitch, 16mm)

Sew with versatility! The CW-1206-N offers a wide variety of applications on items such as wallets, belts, fishing net, bags and purses, leatherwear, heavy weight denim canvas, synthetics and more. Works perfectly on medium to thick materials. Special model for wide sewing stitch, the maximum stitch can go from 1mm up to 16mm.The large sewing stitch also makes it easier to apply special patterns on goods and makes the sewing connections more firmly.

● Graduated dial for feed adjustment and Reverse feed with spring return. Both are easily operation.
● A new sealed ridge improvement which prevent oil leaking completely.
● Automatic high speed oil reservoir lubrication system.
● By adoption of small hook, the winding volume of lower thread is increased and due to this feature, the frequency of lower thread replacement is minimized.
● Available for thick thread stitching.
● When sewing multi-layers leather fabrics, the inner layer will not be move.
● Hook base can be moved. ZigZag Stitch Width: 0-16 MM
● Adopt double presser foot with upper & lower feed that make the stitching neat and beautiful.

Type: CW-1206-N
Max stitch width: 16mm
Needle system: DPx17#14~#22
Max sewing speed:2000/min
Stitch length: 6mm
Height of presser foot: 9-13mm

Model Max. Sewing Speed (s.p.m.) Zigzag stitch width Stitch length  Presser Height (mm) 
By hand/By Pedal 
CW-1206-N 2000 16mm 6mm 9~13 DPx17#14~#22

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