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Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine - CW-269-1B

Model: CW-269-1B
Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine
269-1B: Single-needle Lock stitch Free-arm Cylindrical Industrial Sewing Machine (For binding use)

Binders and Binding, Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine
● The model CW-269-1B is specialized in binding attachments for industrial sewing applications, particularly its synchronized binder feed machines which are equipped with a special mechanism that oscillates the binder with the movement of the feed dog and the walking (front) presser foot.
● The binder is mounted very closely to the front presser foot and the needle, and it’s movement is “synchronized” perfectly throughout the sewing cycle.
● Since the needle is so close to the binder, the binding is sew down immediately after it leaves the mouth of the binder.
● This allows the machine to easily sew around a very small radius and prevents the binding from “dropping off” the work, which is a frequent problem in binding operations where a standard ( non synchronized ) binder is used.
● Binders can be very specialized, but there are 3 basic types; right angle, in line and C type.

● Japanese large capacity hook
● Binding function
● 2,000 rpm high-speed operation
● Safety clutch
● 16 mm foot lift (knee)
● Manual Lubrication
● Sliding lever thread take-up
● Low noise, low vibration design
● Instruction / parts manual included
● Tool kit, drawer, thread stand included
● Reverse lever mechanism

Type: CW-269-1B
Max stitch length: 10mm
Needle system: DP*17(134-35)
Use sewing thread: Synthetic core thread#0~#20
Needle bar stroke length: 34mm
Max sewing speed: 2000/min
Height of presser foot: 13mm

Model Max. Sewing  Speed (s.p.m.)  Needle  bar  stroke  Length  Max Stitch length 

Presser Height (mm)

 By hand/By Pedal 

CW-269-1B 2000 34mm 10mm 13mm DP*17 (134-35)

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Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine

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